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Information search and patent research - this is one of the key moments of intellectual property rights, which may serve as a guarantee of obtaining the protection for a trademark and is a benchmark in the beginning of a new invention.
For example, before filing any application for registration of a trademark, it is necessary to know whether it is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark previously registered or submitted for registration in Ukraine on behalf of another person ? As the issuance of a certificate of registration of a trademark is made on the basis first came first served.
While a person invents a new device or method of a production, it is strongly recommended to establish the novelty and the state of Уprior artФ as for the invention in the relevant scientific field.
We will conduct information searches and patent searches, and will present the result of search with appropriate recommendations.
Conducting searches will save your time and money.


Trademark is a designation, enabling consumers to distinguish goods or services of one undertaking from the goods or services of other companies.
Registering a trademark provides an exclusive right to use a registered trademark. This means that a trademark may only be used by its owner. Registering a trademark provides legal certainty and reinforces the status of the owner, for example, in the event of a lawsuit.
We will advise on all matters relating to the registration of a trademark, to make the necessary list of goods and/or services, we will prepare the necessary documents and will submit an application. If the examination body asks the question about the filed designation we will answer for all their questions, and we will conduct prosecution of the application till the issuance of the certificate of registration.


Industrial design - it's an artistic and aesthetic solution to the product that define its shape, pattern or color.
One of the main factors influencing consumer preferences in the choice of a product is the visual perception. When the specifications of the product offered by different manufacturers are almost the same, consumers will make their choice basing on the price and aesthetic perception. Therefore, the registration of the industrial design establishes the protection to one of the distinctive elements that determine market success.
We will make a description of the industrial design in such way as to protect all the essential features of the product. We will prepare the necessary drawings and illustrations, and we will file an application for registration, will prosecute the application till the date of issuance of a patent.


Invention - a new solution to a technical problem. The problem may be old or new, but in order to become the invention, the solution must necessarily be new.
Few inventions meet patentability criteria. Legislation states that the invention should meet the following conditions:
- Usefulness. The invention must have practical application or possess certain industrial applicability.
- Novelty. It must have some new feature, which is unknown to existing knowledge (called "prior art").
- Non-obviousness. It must involve an inventive step, which cannot be deduced by a person with average knowledge in the art.
Utility models - this invention, which is not difficult technically, or invention, short-lived from a commercial point of view , such as inventions in the field of mechanics.
We will make a description of the invention (utility model) in full compliance with the essential requirements, we will prepare the necessary drawings, and we will file an application and will prosecute the application till the issuance of a patent.


Person who owns a patent or trademark certificate, called the rights holder. Once a patent or certificate is issued, anyone who wishes to use the invention or trademark for commercial purposes must obtain permission from the rights holder. The rights holder may permit or grant a license to others to use the invention or trademark on mutually agreed terms.
The rights holder may also sell (assign) the right to an invention or trademark to any other person, who then becomes the new rights holder of the patent or certificate.
We will prepare a license agreement or assignment agreement and will file the said agreement for the registration.


The validity of the trademark in Ukraine is 10 years from the filing date. This period may be renewed each 10-year period an unlimited number of times.
Patent validity of Ukraine on industrial design is 10 years from the filing date and is renewable, but not more than for five years. The annuities for maintaining the industrial design in force shall be paid annually from the filing date.
Validity of the patent for the invention of Ukraine is 20 years from the filing date. The annuities for maintaining the invention in force shall be paid annually from the filing date.
Validity of the patent of for utility model is 10 years from the filing date. The annuities for maintaining the utility model in force shall be paid annually from the filing date.
We watch the due terms of paying annuities and maintaining patents in force, making timely reminders and the appropriate applications.


Copyright - is the protection of rights to works of art, poems, novels, music, pictures, cinematographic works and computer programs.
We may draft copyright assignment (license) agreements and register them in the Patent Office.


We do translations from foreign languages into Ukrainian or Russian languages (and from Ukrainian or Russian languages into foreign languages) descriptions of inventions and utility models in any field of technology.


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